Leadership Principles

What principles will Quentin follow during a campaign and in office?
First, these are his leadership principles:


Tell the truth and be forthcoming with information


Do the right thing and avoid hypocrisy


Prioritize what will cause Americans and the world to respect the United States


With an open mind, listen, read, and learn before deciding


Strive for tranquility and stability both internally and abroad


Maintain a mindset of “How can the government and I help the people?”


Treat all others as persons made in the image of God

Government Principles

In addition, the concept of stewardship is crucial. Governments should be competent, efficient, professional, and effective. Candidates and office holders should demonstrate the ability to build a team to lead our federal government. Congress should follow these government principles:

Freedom & free enterprise

Liberty of people and free markets should be key purposes of government

Limited government

The federal government should do only what others cannot

Religious freedom & separation

All must be free to worship, but church and state should remain separate


Governments must treat all people equitably and fairly

Protecting the vulnerable

A necessary role of the government is to protect those in true need


Telling the people the truth, openly, is the best way to govern

Law & justice

Upholding the law and Constitution, justly, is an essential governmental function